The first moment I saw you
I don't even know as what you will be in my life.

The moment I let you enter my heart
I don't even know for what I did that.

They come to me
But I choose you.

People will say that others are way better than you
And I still choose you.

After years of ups and downs we've been through
I want to always choose you.

One day
I hope there will be a chance
For me to reveals to you 
The uncertainty;
Why you

If you ask me how serious I am to be with you --
I mention your name in my prayers

I'm not in love at the first sight
But your inner self that I root for.

You once made me realized my dark sides
I hope you will always be the one who bring me to the light.

You were not my sweetie pie.
Not my lovey dovey.
Not my cuppy cake.
Not even are.

But you are the one who I'm willing to live with
To complete each other
To share the flaws together
Along the journey to Him.

Not only here
But in there too.

For now
All I want to say is --

Find Allah first. I'll do the same. 
And let He do the rest.

May Allah protect us along this journey.


PS: If you know who you are and you read this, please do leave your footprints.